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(GRADES K - 2)

Science Discovery Programs

Students become scientists as they handle museum-quality artifacts, meet live animals, peer into our videomicroscope. participate in interactive demonstrations, and more!  Science Discovery Programs blend activity-oriented, inquiry-based presentations with a hands-on approach to learning that is both educational and fun.  Each program is grade-level targeted and correlated to the Colorado Standards for Science Content.  Both life and earth science programs are available and each includes a Teacher Survival Kit to help prepare for our visit to your classroom.

Length: 50 minutes (plus 5 minute setup, 5 minute tear down)
# Students: 25 max (single class)
Fees: $125 per program
$100 each additional program (same program, same day)

Creature Features
Take an imaginary walk through the forest to discovery how animals are alike and different.  Compare birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians as well as animals without backbones.  Within each animal group, we’ll discuss life cycles and special characteristics that make each group unique.

Reasons for Seasons
Travel the year, as we discover why we have seasons and why they change.  We’ll focus on winter – comparing the tricks we use to survive the cold with special adaptations that help plants and animals survive this harsh season.  Learn about migration, hibernation, and other secrets of the seasons.


Habitat is Where It’s At
From steaming deserts to lush rainforests, we’ll explore habitats around the world as we search for plants and animals that call these places home.  Learn about these fascinating environments and the special adaptations that allow creatures to survive in the most challenging conditions.


Critter Colors
Why are some animals spotted and others striped? Adaptations! Discover the importance of color as an adaptation for survival as we examine mimicry, camouflage, counter-shading, and other fascinating ways animals use color to communicate, trick, attract, warn, and  just show off!


Digging Fossils
What is a fossil?  How do they form? And, what can they tell us about life in the past.  Using fossils and our own time machine, students become paleontologists as we learn what Colorado was like millions of years ago.  Discover tropical oceans, swampy jungles, ice age giants and more.


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Don't see a program you want? We can design individual science programs just for your class. Are you studying rainforests, dinosaurs, or butterflies? How about biodiversity, ice ages, or endangered species? Maybe reptilesflower pollination, or marine biology? We can develop Special Topic Programs on a variety of life and earth science subjects at your request! Tailor-made for your grade level and specific learning objectives, each program uses our proven formula of activity-oriented, inquiry-based teaching with hands-on artifacts, live animals, interactive demonstrations, and fun! Call for details.

Length: 50 minutes (plus 5 minute setup, 5 minute tear down)
# Students: 25 max (single class)
Fees: $150 per program
$125 each additional program (same program, same day)

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DISCOVERY TRUNKS – A museum in a box!

Be on the lookout for an exciting new resource to enhance your curriculum. Our Discovery Trunks are traveling “treasure chests”, filled with objects, artifacts, activities, resource information, audiovisual materials, real specimens, and more.  It’s like having a museum in your classroom!

Discovery Trunks are designed to educate through excitement by involving your students in active, hands on learning.  The wide variety of objects, specimens and resources make them effective learning tools for any grade level and allows you to customize the materials to fit your needs and curriculum.  A Teacher Survival Kit is included  in each trunk with background information and suggested activities for use.

Starting in Fall 2018, Discovery Trunks will be available for rental by the week (from Friday to Friday).  We even include free delivery and pick up!  Bring the excitement of hands-on discovery into your classroom.  Reserve a Discovery Trunk today!

Fees: $200 per trunk per week (Friday to Friday)
$100 @ additional week (same trunk)
Free delivery and pick up included

Each Discovery Trunk Includes:

Awesome museum quality artifacts and specimens! Creative teaching tools for classroom use!  
Cool audiovisual resources for everyone’s enjoyment! Helpful curriculum materials for teachers!
Terrific children’s books for students! Teacher Survival Kit to help you prepare!

Three Discovery Trunks Will Be Available

Click on icon to see a listing of specimens and materials included in each trunk

discovery trunk - incredible insectsIncredible Insects     discovery trunk - tropical rain forestsTropical Rainforests 
discovery trunk - digging dinosaursDigging Dinosaurs     

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We can adapt
upper elementary programs for you.


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